Buffer Finance announces Post-IDO events with reward pool worth $25,000

Find all you need to know as we move towards our Mainnet launch.

We are delighted to announce the next phase of events after our Successful Tri-pad IDO with Lithium, TruePNL, and SuperLauncher.

As we move closer to the big event of our Mainnet Launch. We will start focusing on educating users more on how to use Buffer and how they can benefit from trading options.

This time of volatility just seems right for the mainnet launch where “buy and hodl” investors can learn how to take advantage of a bear market sentiment. Something that’s truly missing in Defi right now!

Here is the list of events, as we move towards our Mainnet!

  • Start your options journey with buffer finance’s options Quiz

Reward pool: 25000 $iBFR (Worth $2500)

Start Date: 25th September 2021 4:45 pm UTC

Reward pool:16000 $iBFR (Worth $1600)

Start Date: 26th September 4:00 pm UTC

  • Incentivised Testnet re-launch

Reward pool: $1000 in USDT + 15000 $iBFR (worth $1500)

Start Date: TBA (Will be updated and announced on Telegram/Twitter)

  • Referral Program

Reward: Direct % of the fee earned paid in the referer’s wallet (More details will be announced)

Date of start: As soon as Mainnet launches.

  • $iBFR Liquidity Miner Lottery

Reward pool size: 185,000 $iBFR (Worth $18,500)

Start Date: 30th September 4:45 pm UTC

About Buffer

Buffer is an on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol. It allows anyone to buy options against any asset without the need of a counterparty/option seller. All options are created and executed against a Liquidity Pool where anyone adds liquidity and earns yield from the option premium paid by the option buyer.

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Buffer is the first on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol built over Binance Smart Chain https://buffer.finance/