Buffer Finance Partners with CryptoBuddy

Partnership buffer Finace & CryptoBuddy

About CryptoBuddy

  • Crypto-related events tracking and Notification
  • Early-stage Project identification
  • Personalized tracking of events and reminders
  • Research Reports for projects
  • Crypto Advisory services

About Buffer

  1. Buy $iBFR token and hold to earn perpetual revenue share, stake to earn liquidity mining rewards, and vote for features or burn to participate in our milestone-based buybacks
  2. Become a liquidity provider and earn yield over your BNB, WETH, and WBTC holdings on Binance Smart Chain. (More BEP-20’s coming soon)
  3. Buy customizable options by customizing strike prize, option size, and expiry date
  4. Participating in prediction games predict BNB price and place a bet directly against the liquidity pool.
  5. Buy insurance on your BNB holding to protect yourself from sudden price fluctuation.

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Gamified on-chain multi-asset options trading platform & prediction market

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Buffer Finance

Buffer Finance

Gamified on-chain multi-asset options trading platform & prediction market

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