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Buffer Finance
2 min readOct 3, 2021

Mainnet release date + liquidity mining + LeaderBoard release dates and details.

The cooldown period is going to end on the 5th of October and the next tranche for IDO participants is set to release.

These 15 days since the $iBFR listing were a roller coaster ride for the market but we kept this time to complete our final audit and finalize an overall launch plan — in the meantime we also got to see how strong the Buffer community is building. So kudos to all the $iBFR holders

We are here with the final announcement before we go on Mainnet and options trading begins!

Mainnet will be launched on the 5th of October at 4:00 pm UTC and the rollout will be in a step-by-step manner. Mark, the dates and get ready to become part of the biggest disruption in Defi!

Step 1: $rBFR Liquidity mining (5th October 4:00 pm UTC)

Before allowing options trading we need liquidity to back those options we will be opening the BNB Liquidity pool for our liquidity providers who are looking for an alternative to being an LP for an AMM or token pairs. All liquidity providers will be able to use their $rBFR tokens to farm $iBFR tokens and then stake them to $iBFR staking pool.

Guide on adding liquidity and farming will be released on Launch.

Step 2: $iBFR staking pool (5th October 4:00 pm UTC)

Our staking pool will be live for perpetual revenue sharing as soon as we go on Mainnet. You can just stake $iBFR and forget.

Step 3: Superfarm launch (6th October 2:00 pm UTC)

Superlauncher team will be launching the long-awaited LP farming pool for $iBFR on their platform. Details will be announced by the SuperLauncher team.

This will also include details regarding our $iBFR Liquidity Miner Lottery which we deferred to keep a smoother Mainnet launch.

Step4: Options trading (7th or 8th of October)

We will be building the liquidity for few days after the Mainnet is up and the options trading and prediction game will be started within 2/3 days of building the liquidity. A detailed guide will also be released on how to use the platform to make extra income with referrals (affiliate program) and leaderboards.

That is it, folks!

About Buffer

Buffer is an on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol. It allows anyone to buy options against any asset without the need of a counterparty/option seller. All options are created and executed against a Liquidity Pool where anyone adds liquidity and earns yield from the option premium paid by the option buyer.

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Buffer Finance

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