Buffer Kicks off Testnet“Launch Party” Giveaway

How to participate?

Go to the below link and follow all the steps to enter our 1st giveaway prize pool.


A Total of 50K $iBFR has been allocated for this giveaway. Make sure you also participate in our testnet to increase chances for yourself to wind a reward. Our team manually checks all the suggestions and entries to make sure only genuine entries get the reward.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be randomly drawn from the users who have participated on the 15th of July 2021. Post the drawing we will be reaching out to the participants on their provided e-mail, Twitter, or discord to get the BSC address they want the reward to be credited to.

About Buffer

Buffer is a non-custodial on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol that works just like an Automated Market Maker (eg: PancakeSwap) where traders can create, buy, and settle options against liquidity pool without the need of a counterparty (option writer). Buffer makes options trading accessible to everyone and much more efficient than its centralized counterpart.



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Buffer Finance

Buffer Finance

Short-term and fast-paced gamified options trading platform.