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Buffer Finance
3 min readDec 15, 2022


$226K+ in overall fees generated, 10K+ trades placed, $7M TVL at peak, and multiple partnerships — Buffer has evolved significantly in the last two months since its beta launch on Arbitrum in October 2022. Now that our first audit is complete, it’s time to reveal our roadmap for the mainnet and beyond.

This post will outline the short to mid-term product development and community growth roadmap of Buffer protocol. The roadmap is meant to be a living document; anyone in the community is welcome to suggest how the protocol should evolve.

Product Development Roadmap

Here’s a quick breakdown of the items on the product development roadmap:

  • Up/Down options:

Up/Down options completely abstract the complexities of funding rates, fee calculations, liquidations, or collateral management. A trader can trade by selecting the time duration and the direction (Up/Down) to receive a pre-defined payout. The Up/Down options trading platform is already live on mainnet beta and supports multiple cryptocurrency pairs. We’ll soon add support for forex (already live on testnet), commodities, and indices Up/Down trading on the mainnet.

  • No-loss tournaments:

No-loss tournaments are gamified Up/Down trading competitions that allow new traders to enter the arena via small entry fees and compete using play tokens to win pre-defined rewards. Although the essence of these tournaments is to allow the best traders to win the trophy, they can also be used as great training or strategy testing avenues.

  • Above/Below binary options:

There are only two possible outcomes (above or below the selected strike price) around a single strike price of the said asset. The above and below options are defined by the underlying asset of choice, strike price, and expiration/maturity date.

  • Knockouts:

A product built on top of leading derivative protocols, including GMX and Gains network, knockout options offer leveraged positions with guaranteed stop loss and take profit. Knockout options are extremely useful for specific hedging strategies.

  • Multi-chain deployment:

On EVM-compatible chains that offer sustainability and a burgeoning ecosystem to facilitate higher trading activity and LP incentivization.

Community Growth Roadmap

Here’s a quick breakdown of the items on our community growth roadmap.

  • Buffer Prime Club NFTs (Trader NFTs):

A collection of community commemorative NFTs that offer real utility such as higher pay-outs (boosts), access to trading strategy discussion groups, access to bigger price pools in trading leagues, and discounted access to no-loss tournaments.

  • Weekly Trading Leagues:

Unlike the worn-out concept of one-off trading contests, the weekly trading leagues are a unique avenue for the best trader to compete for the top position and be rewarded for consistently outperforming trading strategy.

  • Gamification: Referral Program (live on testnet), Trader profiles, Social sharing, and Leaderboard
  • Partnerships: Liquidity incentivization over new DEXes and Uniswap v3 liquidity management protocols with protocols like Camelot, 3xcalibur and many others to be announced.
  • 🫐GMX blueberry club: specific details on this one coming soon😉
  • Global community building by partnering with web 3.0 communities around the world.
  • Focus on Composability: a primary focus of this roadmap will be leveraging composability to provide new trading instruments built over other protocols. Below are some examples of what can be built over other Defi protocols:
    a. Knockout options built on top of other decentralized trading platforms like GMX or Gains trade
    b. Copy trading vaults
    c. Hedged vaults to trade at high leverage over other derivative trading platforms

Powering the Next Sprints With Long-term Sustainability🏃

With the upcoming mainnet launch, trader NFT, referral program, and weekly leagues would go live followed by no-loss tournaments, above/below options, and knockout options, which we have specced out to complete over the next coming months.

To that end, the upcoming OTC sale on Superlauncher DAO is monumental in allowing us to maintain a development treasury to pursue rapid product development and community-building operations. It also will also help sustain and align contributors to drive growth and development for the long term.



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