Release the bills💵💶💴💷…Buffer Forex Testnet is Now Live!

Testnet details

Similar to the crypto markets for binary options, we want to bring the best experience to our traders and will start with the testnet that will help to gather feedback and make the launch on mainnet beta more robust.

Forex Markets/Trading Pairs

Testnet trading starts with — EUR-USD


Unlike crypto markets, Forex markets will have a dynamic payout of up to 90%, achievable via Buffer NFT (NFTs coming soon). The payouts depend on the volatility of a particular Fx market. Markets with low volatility have higher payouts compared to assets with higher volatility.

Market Schedule

Unlike crypto markets, forex markets do follow a specific schedule. You can refer to the table below to catch up with the forex schedule.

Note: all timings in the table below are denominated in UTC

How to Trade Forex With Binary Options on Buffer?

To trade FX with binary options on Buffer Testnet, you will need to:

  • Users must also paste their Ethereum address into the tweet template to receive funds using this faucet.
  • To successfully receive funds using the faucet, the user’s Twitter accounts should have at least 1 Tweet, 15 followers, and be older than 1 month.

🐞Bug Reporting

Want to tell us what features you want to see, what worked, and what didn’t work for you?

What’s next?

While you test out the fx markets, we have a few tasks in the pipeline, including the launch of our leaderboard, the much-awaited Buffer NFTs, and the deployer contract distribution.



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