Unlocking🔓 Optopi NFT Utility#2: The Buffer Prime Club

Buffer Finance
3 min readFeb 7, 2023

We’re excited to announce the release of our exclusive discord channel — the Buffer Prime Club. This post will help you unlock the second of many utilities after payout boosts that you will receive as an Optopi NFT holdoor.

What is the Buffer Prime Club?

The Buffer Prime Club is an elite community on Discord that brings together expert traders, analysts, quants, and many others on a single platform with one mission —simplifying options trading and making it accessible to all retail traders.

The Buffer Prime Club embodies this mission by providing a platform for members to share valuable trading strategies/setups, and market insights that can be easily accessed and monitored. Since trading more than just setups can be one of the hardest skills to master without the right direction, the club and its members empower aspiring traders to learn, track, and capitalize on the shared alpha in real-time, ultimately helping them to become more successful in the market.

How can I access the Buffer Prime Club?

All users who hold at least 1 Optopi NFT are eligible to join the Buffer Prime Club. The server has English as its primary language.

To access the club:

Go to https://guild.xyz/buffer-finance-a555e3

Click on “Join Guild to get roles”

Connect and verify your wallet. This step will automatically verify you for the “Member” role.

If you hold an Optopi NFT, you will be automatically verified for the “Buffer Prime Club.” role.

Similarly, you will also be verified for the following:

To flaunt your roles on Discord, connect your Discord by clicking on the “Go to server” tab.

What other utilities do the Optopi NFTs offer?

Besides this tasteful and quirk art, the Optopi NFT is more than just a collection. The NFTs unlock multiple utilities for Buffer traders, including — payout boosts, direct access to the highly coveted trading leagues, trader rebates, and of course, membership to BPC.

We have big plans for the Optopi collection, and as new features roll out, the NFT will unlock many more utilities for users. To learn more about the utilities, read our article at — https://buffer-finance.medium.com/introducing-optopi-48bdc705e53

What’s next for the Buffer Prime Club?

The current channel is not in its final form, and we are actively working on improving it. We actively listen to your recommendations and consider all possible directions to make BPC a knowledge hub for its shadowy, ultra-talented members.



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